Here's What I Do In My Spare Time

Being a left hander, I have that creative side of the brain
working overtime, so I dabble in this and that, which leaves
my home filled with many UFOs (Unfinished Objects). One
week I quilt for days, the next, I can't put down my knitting needles, then I bake enough to feed the neighbourhood.
Here are the results of this creative overload.

Hand Knit 100% Cotton Spa Wash Cloths
Package of Three for $10.00
Assorted colours available

Hand Knit 100% Cotton Pot Scrubbers
There is a plastic scrubby inside the cotton

  Assorted Bags, Purses and Totes. Customs orders accepted.


Feel free to contact us for local pick up or if you have any further questions.
National & International Shipping Quotes Cheerfully Provided.

Sweet Peas Pantry Osgoode ON K0A 2W0 Canada 


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